Getting Started

The Loginhood Consent Manager is a small JavaScript package that allows you to manage user privacy and consent on your website.

Getting set up with the JavaScript SDK

This article documents the required code implementation you'll need to make to deploy your Loginhood Consent Manager banner. We strongly recommend deploying on a test site, test page, or staging environment first.

The Loginhood Consent Manager is served via Content Distribution Network (CDN), providing a highly available resource across edge locations. The minified JavaScript file is ~515kb.

Your Keys

You will have a Keys section in your admin account, which you can view by logging in at The main keys are:

  • Consent Manager ID (e.g. 5de908ce28d8480013600111)

  • API Key (e.g. b716zcal-f0b1-14e4-bc25-20a172dax9lb)

Once you have been shared access to log into your CMP Admin Account, you'll have the option to create your first Consent Manager. From the Consent Manager detail, you'll see a URL source for your JavaScript SDK embed. This will be something like

Note: Your Consent Manager ID is specific to your web property, and must be found within your account. For security purposes, your Consent Manager ID and API Key will never change. Once you've determined your Consent Manager ID and API Key, continue with the next steps.

Note: You may have multiple Consent Managers, however each will have a unique Consent Manager ID. When integrating multiple Consent Managers to multiple web properties, double-check your Consent Manager ID for each JavaScript embed.

Continue with installing your JavaScript SDK: