Loginhood + Shopify

The CCPA/FB Limited Data Use Tools Shopify application allows Shopify clients easy-access to integrate the Loginhood Consent Manager into their storefronts.

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to our Shopify App plugin - CCPA/FB Limited Data Use Tools.

  2. Install the application.

  3. After selecting your plan, a default consent manager will be created for you.

  4. To finalize it, configure a few specific settings as it relates to your storefront, such as the privacy policy URL, the heading and/or subtitle you want to display, and any color specifics.

  5. Make sure to "Save Changes" via the dropdown menu bar.

  6. When ready, turn on your Consent Manager by clicking "Enable" in the top-level navigation.

Customize Your Banner

You want your banner to match your brand. With a few customizations, you can get your banner loading to your preference. We continue to build new versions of our banner, so if there's a style we don't provide, you are free to edit your banner as you see fit!

Navigate to the tab titled Text Settings, where you can edit and configure the headline, subtitle, colors, and overall first-appearance of your banner.

Text Settings - Loginhood Shopify Plugin

Navigate to the tab titled Optional Settings. Here you can update settings like:

  1. California Only - Currently, only in California is it necessary to require displaying consent management options to citizens. Other states like Maine, Nevada, Vermont, etc., are all proposing unique ways to manage it themselves. As regulation changes, this option will too.

  2. Banner Re-Toggle Button - This displays the small popup to re-show the Consent Manager to a website visitor, and ensures you're offering a way to manage consent.

  3. Hidden by Default - This option is only applicable if you offer the Banner Re-Toggle button, or if you have a manual banner toggle configured.

  4. DSR Form Active - This option turns on a form that consumers need to fill out to opt-out. This serves as your main way of collecting Data Subject Requests (DSR's), which enable you to facilitate inbound requests for data access or deletion from your systems.

Optional Settings - Loginhood Shopify Plugin

For the Facebook Options and Limited Data Use feature

Make sure to add your Pixel ID to the Facebook Client Pixel ID section.

Troubleshooting Facebook

We recommend downloading and using the Facebook Pixel Helper to validate and confirm your Pixel events. The main key to a successful implementation of the Limited Data Use processing options is to ensure that Loginhood loads your Facebook script. If you have the Facebook Plugin active on your website, you might need to do some testing to confirm the setup works as expected.

Due to limitations in loading our Consent Manager script site via Shopify's ScriptTag, we load our request asynchronously. This ensures we are not render-blocking, but does cause some

We fire an extra PageView event and any subsequent events with the data processing parameters, just in case you have difficulty loading Loginhood's CMP script before Facebook.